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AKA: Lessons on how to pivot

eCommerce Startup

The Vision

  • Work with marketing manager to define Tokki's audience and style guide as their first content writer

  • Pivot with Tokki to help them tell a new brand story in light of the pandemic

  • Provide clean, consistent copy to give a growing team of writers examples of the Tokki style guide in action

The Challenge

  • How to tell one story and then pivot to tell another

  • How to target a new audience during the pandemic

  • How to continue to drive awareness and conversions for Tokki's original product while expanding to reach new markets with new products


My Role

SEO Copywriter and Content Strategy Consultant


The Process

  • I began with a long conversation with the CEO of Tokki to determine business goals, initial understanding of the product and its audience, and the team I would be working with

  • I connected with the marketing manager and together we devised a series of 10 articles

  • These articles acted as a baseline for the Tokki style guide, which I then edited and revised with the marketing manager

  • As we learned more information about post performance, SMM results, and PR campaign outcomes, we continued to tailor our articles to suit the desires of the ever-growing audience base

  • When the pandemic hit about a year in, the company shifted from reusable giftwrap to facemasks, working with the same designer and manufacturer in NYC

  • I interviewed the designer to learn every detail about her mask-making process so I could tell a unique brand story based on the quick collaboration between the designer (Gravitas) and Tokki

  • I wrote a series of articles targeted at mothers of young families to educate about Tokki x Gravitas' masks, which helped propel their mask sales and drive interest for their other brand products

The Outcome

  • By the time I ended my contract with Tokki, I had helped them:

    • Grow their brand to reach thousands across the globe

    • Define them as a leader in the sustainable gifting space

    • Increase awareness about the importance of reusable gift wrap

    • Pivot to reach new markets with masks and long-distance gifting packages

    • Expand their audience to corporations who began using them for corporate gifting and to purchase masks for their employees as they returned to work

    • Define their brand style and voice guide

  • Three years later, my post on the truth about traditional wrapping paper is still their best performing post, driving more traffic than any other page except their home page

Growth Moment

Tokki taught me a lot about the importance of adaptability and flexible thinking as it relates to content. We did not abandon our initial audience, but instead found a way to "extend the table" to include both them and others.


Some of the mask audience base became part of Tokki's audience for their entire suite of products, showing how important it is to remain true to the brand voice, even amidst a positional pivot.

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