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Right at Home Interiors

AKA: Everything and the kitchen sink...literally

Interior Design

The Vision

  • Establish Right at Home Interiors (RaH) designer Keely Hersh as a recognized small business leader in the Interior Design industry

  • Revitalize RaH's website to enhance user experience and align with its new, more sophisticated brand

  • Create a consistent blog content calendar that potential clients could use to both educate themselves and get a feel for what RaH can do for them

  • Identify PR opportunities and think creatively to carve a pathway for RaH to attain national recognition

The Challenge

  • Started with a semi-broken website

  • Blog content was unoptimized, messy, and without any real value

  • Local SEO was nonexistent, even though the designer worked with clients almost exclusively in the greater Sacramento area

  • When the pandemic hit, the designer needed to find a way to maintain a client roster, leading to a need to pivot to virtual services

My Role

Content Strategist, Copywriter, PR manager, Marketing Manager, and SEO specialist

The Process

  • First, Keely and I spoke about her business, her goals, and her brand vision over the course of multiple phone conversations

  • Once I understood her needs and her business, I designed and wrote copy for three services pages as well as two local SEO home pages

  • After that project's success we decided to enter her into the VISION International Design Awards. If she won, she would receive international recognition, increased brand awareness, leadership authority, and (hopefully!) more client leads

  • We built out her blog with several SEO-optimized in-depth mid-funnel pieces as well as top-funnel, "sticky" content

  • We worked together to get her placed as a guest on local TV, trade podcasts, and industry panels 

  • We created a Virtual Services page as well as banner content and multiple CTAs to promote her virtual services locally and nationwide

  • We applied for local grants and awards

  • We pitched guest post opportunities to multiple trade organizations

  • We devised a plan for her to participate in the well-known One Room Challenge as a promotional move for her business (and because it's fun!)

The Outcome

  • The majority of Keely's leads now come from her website

  • She has won multiple VISION International Design Awards over two (and maybe soon to be three!) years

  • The pivot to virtual design services allowed her to work throughout the pandemic, increasing her revenue by over 200%

  • She won Business of the Year in her hometown, El Dorado Hills as well as multiple other grants and local awards

  • She has been featured in VISION Magazine and VISION's blog as well as in Drapery and Design Digital Digest as a regular contributor

Growth Moment

In my nearly three years working with Keely, we transformed her business and made her a recognizable figure in drapery and window treatments.


I learned so much about managing a brand, growing an audience, generating leads, and getting scrappy and creative to meet business goals. We smashed every goal we set for her business and then some.

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