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Infinitely Virtual

AKA: Happiness is a new homepage

IaaS | Cloud Computing

The Vision

  • Redesign the Infinitely Virtual (IV) homepage with new branding

  • Fix UX design issues to improve customer's experience of the site

  • Clarify service offerings

  • Redefine customer personas and tailor language as a bridge between IV and the customer

The Challenge​

  • Educating internal stakeholders on UX and copy best practices to drive acceptance of necessary design elements

  • Creating a fully-functioning homepage without approval to improve site-wide workflows


My Role

UX Writer and Copywriter

  • No CTA on splash page

  • Graphics are off-brand

  • No style guide reflected in case choices 

  • "Wall" of text on splash page disengages user

The Process

  • Our small team of three people pulled together a style guide, voice chart, and proposed sitemap as though we were going to complete an entire site redesign

  • We interviewed customers and potential customers in three different persona buckets to identify what was important to include on the home page as well as to answer any language questions we had

  • Our UX designer and I planned the homepage together through a series of conversational exercises, wireframes, and customer journey mapping

  • I took on traditional website copywriting as well as UX writing tasks to establish a new brand voice that better aligned with the company's goals. This copy started as placeholder copy with our first wireframe and evolved to the finished copy once the wireframe was approved by the CEO

  • Copywriting work included SEO optimization to help the page rank better in SERPs

  • UX work included collaborating with the UX designer to create a simpler, more logical flow of content down the page. We also added buttons, which were nonexistent on the original page

  • Once the final copy and wireframe was approved, our graphic designer brought it to life aesthetically

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 3_edited.jpg
  • CTA button in RED added on splash page

  • Graphics replaced with more professional server image

  • Copy reflects benefits

  • Red top bar maintained to create ease of use when searching for contact info

The Outcome

  • The homepage is greatly improved. Ultimately, the project was deemed a success and we were hired back to redesign two more pages and their blog

  • Reports from the VP of sales were positive: He saw an increase in number of prospects who had discovered IV by way of their homepage, thanks to improved SEO ranking - especially in their local New England market

  • Contact form submissions attributed to the homepage increased by 36% three months after the new homepage launched

Growth Moment

I learned better practices for communicating UX and copy choices to stakeholders. Though we had the voice chart and the style guide, it is only in reflection that I realize how I could've leveraged those approved documents to get certain UX and copy choices approved.

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