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AKA: Girl, write your face off

Small Business Insurance Startup

The Vision

  • Execute consistent long-form, SEO optimized copy to help Huckleberry grow their brand, rank top 10 on SERPs, and compete with already established players in their field

The Challenge

  • Implementing a nebulous style guide

  • Collaborating piece-by-piece to solidify said style guide until all distributed freelance writers are unified under a single brand voice and style

  • Be able to adapt tone and language enough to speak to an article-specific audience without disconnecting from brand 


My Role

SEO Copywriter


The Process

  • Spent the first few weeks producing two articles per week

  • Spoke regularly with the project manager to discuss and refine style, tone, and voice

  • Provided feedback on the first draft of a codified brand voice and style guide

  • Implemented the finished style guide without sacrificing SEO optimization or readability

  • Used Clearscope and Grammarly to help optimize each article

  • Reviewed analytics to determine future optimization opportunities and to monitor post performance

The Outcome

  • Thanks to our project manager, and the team of distributed writers, Huckleberry now writes under one unified brand voice

  • Huckleberry blog posts consistently rank right with or above major competitors

  • My specific work of over 25 articles rank top 10 for hundreds of targeted keywords

  • Posts continue to see consistent upward trend in rankings and traffic, and drops in exit percentage and bounce rate

Growth Moment

This was an opportunity for me to really let my copywriting chops shine. My growth was mostly in my speed and efficiency. I devised multiple templates based on our style guide and used them to produce more quality content faster without burnout (or carpal tunnel!)

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