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Direct Supply

AKA: Small actions with big impact

SaaS | Long Term Care Building Maintenance

The Vision

​Indoor Air Quality Segment (IAQ)

  • Produce an actionable content strategy for their IAQ segment of their Building Management line of business to drive increased revenue from nationwide IAQ grant funding

  • Collaborate in partnership with Madison IAQ to ​support increased awareness of the importance of IAQ in Long Term Care (LTC)

  • Connect IAQ to top LTC challenges such as staffing, census, and infection prevention

Building Management and SaaS

  • Conduct user and customer research to aid the advancement of UX and marketing objectives for their SaaS building management offering

  • Create internal documents to support other content creators in streamlining their content production efforts

  • Devise new ways of thinking about content that can span all lines of business

  • Act as thought leader in the SEO and Content Marketing space

  • Facilitate growth and development of junior content creators

The Challenge

  • Line of business and content silos make aligning a content strategy to a specific brand voice difficult

  • Current style and voice guide in need of updating and implementation

  • Search traffic low

  • Resources for multimedia efforts are scarce

  • The company currently does not have content design, strategy, or UX writing baked into its marketing and UX design foundation


My Role

Content Strategist


The Process


  • Spent significant time interviewing internal partners to understand the product line, buyer personas, and customer journey

  • Pinpointed several gaps in content and devised a content calendar to fill those gaps

  • Identified UX copy issues on high-value landing pages used by sales

  • Educated partners on the need for a UX writing lens rather than a copywriting lens to solve those experience issues

  • Began a process of customer journey mapping and tapped UX designers to see how to plan for a future project that would allow us to optimize those pages

  • Created a series of "IAQ in LTC" articles in conjunction with a webinar targeting the three specific challenges LTC administrators face today

  • Aligned with PR to promote those articles in a sponsored newsletter takeover with leading trade publication Argentum

  • Pivoted to support a re-promotion of the webinar after an issue with the webinar software caused us to have to reschedule

Due to the nature of my contract, I cannot share internal documents or images from Direct Supply. However, you can see the completed, publicly published articles here:

Building Management and SaaS Offering

  • Conducted surveys with the Digital Learning team to gain better understanding of Maintenance Director needs and goals

  • Drove in-app experiments to change user behavior in service of ease of use and company goals

  • Advised junior content strategists with SEO and copywriting to ensure content aligned with current brand and style guide

  • Targeted recommendations for Direct Supply to achieve the digital transformation they desire

The Outcome


  • All three of the new "IAQ in LTC" series saw:

    • A decrease in bounce and exit rates above Direct Supply's average

    • Average on-page time of 2:30 - long enough to read each article in its entirety

    • #1 result in SERPs for their primary keyword

    • Multiple top 10 rankings on SERPs for other targeted keywords

  • The webinar achieved 200% the average enrollment, even with the software malfunction forcing a reschedule

  • IAQ team continues to ideate and execute targeted blogs, emails, and high-value content assets such as case studies in line with business objectives


Building Management and SaaS Offering

  • In-app experiments led to the implementation of a new UX workflow that increased targeted in-app conversions by 50%

  • Surveys clarified content needs for future top-and-mid-funnel content

  • Surveys and experiments gave a clearer picture of user and customer types to be leveraged for future UX workflow optimizations and content design projects

Growth Moment

This long-term contract taught me the need to target small actions with potential for big impact. As I continue to produce content and UX strategies that achieve desired outcomes, I build more value that supports my ability to suggest a larger project that requires more risk. 

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