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AKA: One woman, many hats

Voluntary Benefits

The Vision

  • Create a content style guide as a guiding light for a new content experience

  • Bring the first content-based perspective to a brand-new product team to aid the transformation of the company from business-centered to user-centered

  • Improve conversion rate through content-based problem solving

  • Collaborate with marketing to build a better and more consistent end-to-end customer journey 

The Challenge​

  • A new team means undeveloped and untried practices and procedures that can bottleneck progress

  • Driving home the message that Content Design is more than copywriting so that I can unlock its full potential in the design process

  • I am a content team of one tasked with the herculean assignment of transforming our entire content infrastructure


My Role

Senior Content Designer

The Process

  • Unlike the other portfolio examples, I work for Corestream full-time. As such, the story is a little different:

    • I came on board with three objectives:​

      1. Create and deploy a content style guide for the entire B2C segment of the company to follow​

      2. Take ownership of our content instead of giving all content creating privileges to individual carriers and clients

      3. Overhaul the end-to-end customer journey 

  • To accomplish those three objectives, I had to do the following:

    1. ​Create and deploy a content style guide for the entire B2C segment of the company to follow​

      • Determine current understanding of content in the company​

      • Familiarize myself with any current style guide in existence

      • Review any documentation on voice, tone, and branding

      • Learn limitations based on client or carrier agreements

      • Perform UX research to determine voice, tone, and language/grammar mechanics that resonate with our audience

      • Draft a style guide

      • Workshop the guide with key stakeholders from product, design, and marketing

      • Determine the right multimedia and design approach to ensure absorption and integration across teams

      • Synthesize feedback, and work with design to build the "final" style guide

      • Plan for iteration and evangelism company-wide to ensure the document stays relevant and useful. 

    2. Take ownership of our content instead of giving all content creating privileges to individual carriers and clients

      • When I came on board our many, many clients and carriers retained all content creation rights and we operated more as proofreaders

      • I pushed back against the system to gain control of our email communications and our product information within our voluntary benefits portal. 

      • By doing so, we relieved ourselves of countless customizations that had previously held us back

      • We also gained the opportunity to create new, consistent content in our brand voice rather than the fragmented, inconsistent content experience created by dozens of pages in carrier or client voices

      • We are now in process to overhaul all product content by working with the carriers and clients to create content that is accurate but aligned with our brand's voice and our greater company objectives

    3. Overhaul the end-to-end customer journey 

      • By gaining control of our content, we unblocked ourselves to review and improve the end-to-end customer journey​

      • My atomic team identified multiple user problems through various research methodologies

      • We determined that streamlining the pathway to enrollment, creating and implementing a brand persona, and leaning into both product and process education were the keys to higher conversion and lower churn rates

      • We built a new baseline homepage experience that reduced the multiple homepage experiences down to a single experience delivered across 95% of our book of business

      • We eliminated multiple pathways to enrollment in favor of a single CTA

      • We used a content-first approach to determine the content modules needed on the homepage to drive trust and confidence in our brand and encourage enrollments

      • We tested that page against our control and our secondary homepage experience and it outperformed the others handily

      • I redesigned our product detail page template based on research findings and integrated them into the enrollment flow

      • We are now in-flight with additional user testing and moderated walkthroughs to validate a multimedia content approach I identified as an opportunity after surveying our users

The Outcome

  • Our new education-based homepage outperformed the others, leading us to a new baseline

  • The content style guide gave us a single source of truth to help stakeholders understand and use the appropriate voice, tone, and style across all content

  • We continue to develop systems and processes to reduce internal friction and allow for more research opportunities

  • Our company grew 20% from the previous year, in part due to the increased conversion rate made possible by the work of our product and design teams

Growth Moment

As a content team of one I've had to learn how to perform strategy, design, and content creation tasks that align with user needs and company objectives - all while bringing stakeholders along for the ride.


I've had to learn new ways of communicating, more patience, and a deeper commitment to my role as a champion of the user experience. The challenge has made me both a stronger leader and individual contributor.

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